Skill Box for Starters

Information: Cambridge English has made some modifications in YLE 2018 exam specifications starting at January 2018. Detailed information related to YLE 2018 changes are available at Cambridge English – Updated test specification from January 2018 . The Skill Box series publications of TEAM elt publishing have been updated to be in accordance with the YLE 2018 exam specifications.

Skill Box for Starters is the first book in the series and can be used to support any main course.

Course Features

  • Well organised syllabus.
  • 14 lively, communicative, topic-based units.
  • Systematic development of 4 language skills.
  • Activities encouraging young learners to prepare for YLE ESOL Starters examination.
  • Designed for young learners studying English at leading A1 Level.
  • Pictures and text presented in a clear and attractive way according to the needs and interests of young learners.
  • Lively dialogues presenting real spoken English.
  • User friendly style both for the students and the teachers.

Components for Students

Components for Teachers

  • Student’s Book
  • Teacher’s Booklet (tapescripts of all the listening material and full key to the exercises in the Student’s Book)
  • Audio CD (32 audio tracks, 31 listening exercises, 53 minutes in total)
  • Whiteboard software CD (Smart Book)

Technical Details

  • ISBN 978-605-9037-35-8
  • 300g coated cellophane bristol cover
  • 90g matt glossy paper
  • 144 pages
  • A4 size (21×29.7 cm)


  • Authors: Copyright by Meryem Yılmaz, Ummahan Özen
  • Editor: Mohand Henry Fadl Ph.D.
  • Vocalisation: Robin Flower, Carol Ann Karadağ, Lizzie Ertan, Sophi Rengin Mitchell, Altan Mitchell
  • Cover Design: Evren Veral
  • Illustrator: Evren Veral

 Sample Pages and Vocalisation from Student’s Book

Please click on the play button to listen sample vocalisation for Unit 14 Exercise 13


Sample Speaking Test

 Sample Pages from Teacher’s Booklet